Jal Jeevan – Drinking water

  • GRNCPL’s involvement with the drinking water program shows its commitment to addressing drinking water problems in rural areas nearby to its project sites. The company acknowledges that having clean ,drinking water is a fundamental human right and an essential component for the people . As a result, it has implemented numerous drinking water plants to enhance water accessibility and sustainability in these regions.
  • GRNCPL has also realized that the groundwater that naturally occurs in mines could be a useful resource that can be used to help local farmers. Groundwater often builds up in mines in mining areas. This water is usually drained or controlled as part of the mining process. But GRNCPL has come up with new ways to get this groundwater out of the ground through pumping and pipe systems. By sending this water to nearby farms, GRNCPL helps with irrigation and improves the region’s farming output. This proactive method not only helps farmers, but it also encourages farmers to use water in ways that are good for the environment and make the most of the resources they have.